September 4, 2018

September Doodle Challenges

Last month’s doodle challenge went fantastic! I managed to do all the doodles in the month before the end. Therefore, this month, I am doing TWO challenges which are both nineties themed. Being a nineties kid, I do appreciate these so when I tried to choose between the two to just do one, I could not. Resulting in me doing both of them.

  1. Computer Games of the Nineties — hosted by @bacardiblues on Instagram
  2. Growing Up in the Nineties — hosted by @doodledaydarlings on Instagram

In order to not become overwhelmed, I will give myself three days to complete the six doodles before I post. I outline them the first day, ink them the second day, color and post them on the third day. I also am not limiting myself to little boxes like I did for the past two months. I found that I kept running out of space and not being able to doodle what I wanted due to those limitations. Also, it took waaayyy too long to plan out. Counting squares, making sure they are all even, sketching them and inking them. Yes it looks nice with the boxes but I have seen people draw their doodle challenges using no boxes. That is what I am going to do this time. And so far, it’s working out perfectly!

Up first in this post is Computer Games of the Nineties day 1 through 3:

  • Arcanoid
  • Neverhood
  • Fable

I had never heard of Arcanoid or Neverhood so I had to do some googling to find them out. Arcanoid looks like your basic Space Invaders style game and I still do not know what Neverhood is about.

I had a lot of trouble finding something to doodle for Fable. I did not know Fable came out in the nineties. Most of the artwork I found was for the Fable that was released in 2004 and that cover would be very hard for me to doodle. I do see progress in my skills but not that much. I reluctantly decided to do the Fable “F” and it was very difficult for me. This is not the exact one, I took some liberties because there was a lot of detail which I could not translate onto paper. I did enjoy drawing the snake though.

Next is Growing up in the Nineties day 1 through 3:

  • Rugrats
  • Walkman
  • Doug

I am going to enjoy doodling these this month. It is really taking me back. While I never had an official Walkman, I did have a portable CD player with anti-skip! Doodling Cynthia was fun and Judy Funny was pretty awesome too. Judy was the original hipster!

That is all I have for today, I will post again soon either a spread from September or another batch of doodles!

QOTD: did you grow up in the nineties? If so, what was your favorite cartoon and or computer game?

<3 Danyel

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