August 18, 2018

Fall Semester Bullet Journal Setup

I collaborated with @studywbrooke on Instagram to come up with a good way to stay organized during the semester. I graduated December 2017 and never bullet journaled while in school but wished I did. Here is hers:

And here is mine:

?I collaborated with @studywbrooke to create bullet journal spreads to help with your Fall 2018 semester! Here’s mine. Left page is the schedule and the right page are the due dates. Outline or highlight your classes in different colors on your schedule on the left and circle the days on the calendar and write the assignment that is due in the same color on the right! Easy peasy lemon squeezy!? – – – – – – – – – – – #studygram #fallsemester #fall2018 #bujo #bulletjournal #bulletjournaling #fall #bulletjournaljunkie #planner #bulletjournaljunkies #bujodaily #bulletjournals #bujojunkies #bulletjournalist #bujoinspire #august #bujocollections #bujocommunity #bujoaddicts #showmeyourplanner #backtoschool #weekly #notebook #bujopages #bulletjournalcommunity

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On the left page is the actual schedule. My school only had classes Monday through Thursday which is why I do not have a Friday on my page but this can be easily modified to include it. I outlined the classes in a particular color which will help in visualizing what is due on the other page. If you do not want to outline, you can highlight using a regular highlighter or a Mildliner if you are fancy. Just make sure to have a pen in the same color.

On the other page I set up the calendar. Now, depending on if your school has quarters, semesters, trimesters, whatever, this page can be customized to fit however  your semesters are set up. In the same color that I outlined the classes I circled important due dates. This is great in seeing exactly what is due when. It is easy to lose track of when things need to be turned in, especially when you are taking a lot of credit hours. Also, this will assist in building your time management skills. Finally, I left room for two columns of lines to write the actual assignment that is due in the same color that was used to circle the date and outline the class.

I really enjoyed making this spread and I hope it helps those who are in school!


<3 Danyel

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