August 16, 2018

August Doodle Challenge Day 13 – 15

Good evening (or whatever time of day it is when you’re reading this), here’s the next three entries in the August Doodle Challenge hosted by @ohsocutedesigns on instagram.

I have been super busy this week studying for my Salesforce Administration certification which I take tomorrow (8/16). I do not feel prepared enough but it has occupied a lot of my time and thoughts thus taking away from my bullet journaling. After tomorrow afternoon, I will be back on track with my journaling!

Day 13 — Coral: pretty detailed doodle I did here. I enjoy the added touch of the fishy. I have really started working on my shading (which is definitely not really represented in the other two doodles) to give my doodles a little bit more depth.

Day 14 — Pirate Flag: of course I would do the One Piece pirate flag 🙂

Day 15 — Picture Frame: I was listening to a beautiful piano rendition of Beauty and the Beast Prologue so roses have been on my mind all day. I found a cute how to doodle a rose post on Pinterest that I followed to doodle the rose picture in the frame.

I will be back to posting everyday after I take this certification exam. Hopefully I will pass and not have to worry about it anymore!

<3 Danyel

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