August 21, 2018

August Bullet Journal Spread Week 2

I continued with my back to school theme with this cute notepad-esque weekly spread. I really enjoyed this one and when I showed my coworkers they were like “did you do those lines yourself?” That was an awesome response as I said, yes of course, this thing comes blank with just the dots and I make it up as I go. They were fascinated. Here is a pic of just the skeleton of the spread.

This what I love the most about bullet journaling. I can make it whatever it is I want. If I want to go more minimalist, I can! As seen by this simple spread. Even though it was just notepads, the impact it has in regards to my theme is amazing.

On another note when it comes to making things whatever I want, I wanted to talk a little bit about what it is I do for work. I am a Salesforce Developer.

For the past few weeks I have been diligently studying for my Salesforce Administration Certification and holy moly I got it! Peep it!

This test was so difficult and I did not feel the least bit confident when I walked in to it to take it. I am a very tactile person, hence my fascination with bullet journaling, and this test was a computer test. It is what freaked me out the most. I like paper tests so I can underline the most important parts of the question. And these questions need a bit of underlining. Think back to maths class. Think back to word problems. That was all this test was. Situational based questions. Thank goodness I passed. I am now on to studying for my Salesforce App Builder certification. I have set a goal for myself to take and pass the exam by mid December. That should give me plenty of time to prepare for it. I will definitely be adding a spread in my bullet journal dedicated to a schedule for studying for this certification.

Anyways, back to bullet journaling (I said my passions were all over the place did I not? haha), now that I am done with study, I am back to guilt free bullet journaling in my free time.


Do you have certain spreads in your bullet journal dedicated to professional growth? If so, let me know in the comments!


<3 Danyel

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