August 27, 2018

Arrested Development

I have two random blank pages in my number one bullet journal. One is from a weight tracker that I sketched about 10% of and never went back to finish it, and the other is a random page at the end of July I skipped instead of making my August cover two pages. Foolish of me, I know.

In those places I think I should do more quotes like this one!

I did this in my secondary bullet journal which I purchased for morning pages. I no longer do those, I could not keep up. I do not like daily journaling so I will use it for random collections and pages like this! I really want to practice my shading and blending with these Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils so having a gradient background for these quotes will help me in getting that technique down.

I am not one for sappy inspiration quotes so here’s to silly pop culture ones! *clinks wine glasses*

<3 Danyel

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